New News

Alright, so yeah...sorry its been a million years since we've given an update.

Before I get into news related to The Hmmm I feel compelled to share a little about a movie Jacob and I watched the other night...


Wow...this movie truly is a national treasure.  It's the sequel to the classic I'm sure you're all familiar with.  Can you guess the title?  

Yep...Killer Nerd.  

Anyway, I'll cut to the chase...Thelma is the class nerd...mainly because she reads a lot, has glasses, and pimples.  I'm kinda surprised her classmates didn't look past that because Thelma really is a snappy dresser.  She was born ready to put on some Le Tigre and dance awkwardly...had Le Tigre been around when this movie was filmed. poor Thelma gets pushed around until she can no longer stand to live until she meets her true love...long story short...the 2 go on a lovers murderous rampage.

...On to The Hmmm...

Today is a special day.  We've uploaded the Album/Music Video version our song Face 2 Face

We've caught wind that the music video might be ready in just a couple of weeks.  More on that later...

You can hear the song here:

Also, we'll be on tour from August 28th until Sept 10th.

San Francisco, CA
Portland, OR
Seattle, WA
Madrid, SPAIN 

Dates and venues will be announced's an all new show that we're sure you're love <3

In preparation for the tour we'll be uploading new music, merchandise that will be available at the shows, free downloads and more during these next couple of months.

Thanks for being awesome guys <3

Hayden und Jacob