The Hmmm Vs. Scooby Doo

Hey gang!

Here is a little video that we put together to help enhance your experience while listening to our song, 'Hassle in the Castle.'

Hassle in the Castle is the title of episode 3 of the very first season of "Scoody Doo, Where Are You!"

The episode begins with the Scooby Gang cruising around in their motor boat lookin' for a good time.  But wouldn't you know it?  They have to make an emergency landing due to some spooky fog!  Jeepers!  What's worse is that on this island sits a decrepit old castle in which resides a ghostly figure.  Jinkies!  What WILL those meddling kids do?

So dream come true for me to see our music as the soundtrack to a Scooby Doo episode.

Even if we had to do it ourselves...heh.